How to handle child custody during the divorce

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child custody

One of the most contentious issues during a divorce is child custody. This is because no parent is ever willing to let go of the custody of their child. That’s why the services of a Paulding divorce attorney are very important.

Types of child custody 

There are two types of custody recognized by the state of Georgia – legal and physical custody. Physical custody is where a parent physically lives with a child. Both parents can share physical custody in what is known as joint custody or one parent may be granted sole custody rights. 

In the case of joint custody, both parents have equal rights in terms of time spent with the child. For instance, one parent can stay with the child for four nights a week while the other gets three. Sometimes you will need a Paulding divorce lawyer to put such agreements in writing. 

If one parent is granted physical custody of the child, then he or she will have a greater say in terms of legal, medical, educational or religious affairs of the child. But in most cases, a judge will issue joint child custody. 

Best interest of the child 

According to Georgia’s custody laws, a judge is supposed to make a custody decision based on a child’s best interests. It is also important to hire an experienced Paulding county child custody lawyer during the hearings. 

A judge will also consider other factors such as the mental status of each parent, history of physical abuse, emotional ties of the parent to the child, the financial ability of each parent among others. 

Another major factor that may determine the decision of the judge is how a Pauling county child custody attorney argues the case. 

Parenting plans 

The law of Georgia demands that parents filing for a divorce must present a parenting plan before the court as long as the child custody issue is in question. Having a qualified lawyer from Law Offices of William R. Pike Law will be an added advantage.


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