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Many people are confused about what “proof of paternity” means, how it is achieved, and why it is important.

Is a blood test the only way to prove paternity? Why can an affidavit signed at the time of birth sometime satisfy legal requirements? Are there situations where something else entirely is needed?

Here’s what you should know about proving paternity.

Proof of Paternity

Proof of paternity refers to the legal process where an individual state accepts and solidifies a father’s genetic connection with a particular minor child. In some cases, this can be established by providing copies of papers such as birth certificates and marriage licenses.

In other cases, a DNA sample is needed that proves there is a genetic connection between the father and the child. Proof of paternity is meant to prove the connection between father and child for a wide range of legal, social, and financial reasons.

In rare cases, there may be no need for an actual genetic connection for a man to be declared the father. For example, the family might live in a state with what is commonly known as presumption paternity laws. In cases like this, all that is needed is a signed and notarized statement of parental connection or proof that the couple was legally married at the time the child was conceived.

Georgia Paternity Law

Due to the presumption of paternity laws, sometimes single fathers and other men get caught up in legal proceedings.

Sometimes a man is ordered to pay child support for children who were conceived outside of the marriage. They are not biologically his, but they were conceived and born while he was married, so it is assumed they are his children. This is why proof of paternity with a DNA test is so important and why so many fathers ask for them when they are told they need to pay child support. If you have questions about proof of paternity and need to prove paternity or fight a child support order you disagree with for paternity reasons, contact the Law Offices of William R. Pike Law LLC today. We will fight for your rights and help you prove or disprove paternity connections.


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