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Child custody agreements can be difficult to decide on. Even if you have an initial child custody agreement that worked in the past, things may happen that make you want to change it. A child custody modification refers to changes made to an existing agreement.

To modify a child custody agreement, you must file a petition with the court. You can file a petition for child custody modification in Georgia with the help of a Dallas family child custody lawyer.

Reasons for Child Custody Modification

There are several reasons you may be looking to modify your current custody agreement. Here are just a few of the most common reasons:

  1. Change in living situation, such as moving to a new city or state.
  2. Health change (physical or mental) affects a parent’s ability to care for the child.
  3. Change in a parent’s work schedule or job responsibilities makes it difficult to take care of the child during the currently agreed-upon timeframe.
  4. The child wants to live with the other parent.
  5. Financial struggles affect one parent’s ability to provide for the child.

Is It Easy To Get a Child Custody Modification in Georgia?

Getting a child custody modification in Georgia can be complex and challenging. Most courts are hesitant to make changes to custody agreements without a compelling reason. The parent requesting the modification must provide evidence that this change is best for the child. The court then looks at this evidence and makes its decision based on the child’s best interest. Getting help from a Dallas family child custody lawyer can make the process go more smoothly. If circumstances have seriously changed and you want to modify your current custody agreement, reach out to the Law Offices of William R. Pike Law, LLC in Dallas, Georgia. We can help you navigate the process and get a result that is best for you and your child. Give us a call at 678-564-0199 to start the modification process.


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