Can I Make Modifications to My Prenup?

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Marriage is beautiful, but many people want to protect their assets in case of divorce. A prenuptial agreement, commonly called a prenup, is a contract created before marriage that outlines how assets will be divided if the couple splits up. Things like financial situations, the birth of children, and change in state laws can change. With these, you may wonder, “can prenups be changed?”

Can You Change a Prenup After Marriage in Georgia?

The short answer is yes. In Georgia, you can change your prenup after marriage as long as both parties agree to the changes. If you and your spouse agree, you can have the prenup amended. This requires a legal document to be written that states these changes.

If you want to make many big changes, you may consider voiding the original prenup and starting a new one from scratch. This new prenup would replace the old one entirely. Whether you amend your current prenup or create a new one, both parties must sign the document.

If you want to modify your prenup in Georgia, request assistance from Dallas GA family lawyers at the Law Offices of William R. Pike Law, LLC. We can help you amend your current prenup or create a new prenup that works for both you and your spouse.

Reasons You Might Want To Change a Prenup

Here are a few common reasons you may want to change your prenup to protect your family and assets.

  1. Financial changes such as inheriting a large sum of money or if one spouse starts their own business.
  2. Marital changes, such as when the couple has kids.
  3. State law changes regarding prenups.
  4. Address unanticipated issues that the couple wasn’t aware of before marriage.

For help changing your prenup in Georgia, call the Law Offices of William R. Pike Law, LLC at 678-564-0199. We can help make the process as seamless as possible.


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