What Questions Does a Divorce Lawyer Ask in a Consultation?

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The end of a marriage is often a trying time filled with uncertainty. One way to reduce this uncertainty is by engaging with a trustworthy divorce lawyer. An initial consultation with divorce attorneys in Marietta, GA, can make a difference. This consultation involves an exchange of vital information, in which you’ll be asked several key questions.

Questions a Divorce Attorney Will Ask

During a divorce lawyer consultation, your attorney’s inquiries will generally fall into three main categories: your personal circumstances, financial considerations, and child-related matters.

Personal Circumstances

They need to understand the specific context of your situation. Questions may include the length of your marriage, the grounds for divorce, any history of domestic violence, and whether it’s a contested or uncontested divorce.

Financial Considerations

The complexities of your financial picture need to be mapped out. Questions might encompass your and your spouse’s income, assets, liabilities, and retirement accounts, among other things.

Child-Related Matters

If there are children involved, your attorney will ask questions regarding their welfare and custody arrangements. This may involve asking about their ages, current living situations, and preferences for custody arrangements.

Questions a divorce attorney asks during a consultation are framed to create a comprehensive understanding of your situation. Each divorce is unique, and every client requires a tailored approach. This process assures that divorce attorneys in Marietta, GA, can provide the best possible service, using accurate and current interpretations of the relevant laws and codes.

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