Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

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Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

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When getting married, prenuptial agreements are often the last thing happy couples want to consider. While prenuptial and postnuptial documents don’t seem like the height of romance, these legal measures provide peace of mind and security. Here is some information about these agreements and why one may need the assistance of Dallas GA family lawyers.

What a Prenup Does

Prenuptial agreements outline what happens to assets and income in the event of a divorce but can also help if a spouse passes away. Not everyone may need a prenup, but it is better to have protection for those who have children from a previous marriage, business assets, or other financial obligations that one needs steady funds for.

A post nuptial agreement works in a similar fashion but is made after a marriage starts.

Seeking Experienced Assistance for Prenups

When drafting a prenup, both parties may need legal counsel. This ensures the document is fair to both people. Having someone like an attorney from the Law Office of William R. Pike is recommended because prenups can vary based on the circumstances. Additionally, knowledge of family law matters in Georgia may be required. An attorney will also know what the documents can and cannot cover. For example, guidelines about how to raise any children a couple has could be included in a prenup. However, decisions about child support payments should a couple divorce cannot be included.

Other Considerations

Prenups and postnuptials do not have to last indefinitely. Couples can select a time frame that works for them. These documents are a way not just to protect oneself but to protect a partner should a relationship not work out.

When deciding to get a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, the Law Office of William R. Pike offers Dallas GA family lawyers that can help draft fair, sensible agreements. Contact us today!


Dallas GA Family Law Attorney

If you are in the process of separation or have recently divorced, you need expert legal assistance. There are many issues that need to be resolved before you can agree to a final divorce settlement. These may include the disposition of property you owned before your marriage, any assets you may have acquired during the marriage, and – most crucial of all – the custody of your children.

Don’t Go to Divorce Court Without a Qualified Lawyer

Before you proceed any further along the road to divorce, you need to contact a family law attorney in Dallas GA. This is the strong ally you need to represent your case in court. Your lawyer will help you make the most compelling case as to why you should sole or majority custody of your children.

A family law attorney in Dallas GA can help you resolve any financial issues related to the custody of your children in your favor. If you require financial or other forms of assistance from your former spouse, your lawyer will make the case for this in court.

It’s never a good idea to try to represent yourself in divorce court. You can be sure that your former spouse has hired a qualified divorce trial attorney to represent them. This lawyer will be skilled at getting you to contradict your own testimony or even incriminate yourself.

Contact the Law Offices of William R. Pike Today

Don’t let a fast-talking attorney make you look bad in front of a judge. Hire an expert lawyer who can handle your case and get you the best possible outcome.

Contact the Law Offices of William R. Pike to get the expert legal representation that will win you the custody of your children. Get in touch with us today in order to learn what we can do to help win your case.

Divorce Attorneys in Marietta GA

Are you considering getting divorced from your spouse? There are a number of factors that may make your case more complex than the average divorce. You may have property that you inherited during the marriage that you don’t want your spouse to get their hands on. You may have a source of income that you don’t want your spouse to tap into. And there may be child custody issues that will hard to resolve.

Don’t Try to Represent Yourself in Divorce Court

The worst thing you can do is attempt to represent your own case in divorce court. This is a trap that your soon to be former spouse would like nothing more than for you to fall into. You can be sure that they have hired a professional divorce attorney to represent their side of the argument.

The opposing attorney will go out of their way to paint you as a bad and unreliable spouse. Any flaws that you may have will be highlighted in the worst possible manner. Even worse, the attorney for your spouse will try to get you to contradict your own testimony or even incriminate yourself. This is why you need your case to be argued by a professional attorney, especially if there are custody issues involved.

Contact a Dallas GA Custody Lawyer Today

Your best bet is to contact a professional Dallas GA custody lawyer to represent your case. Get in touch with the law offices of William R. Pike to learn your options. We can schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer that will help you form a winning strategy to get you the custody results that you desire.

If you are ready to win your divorce case and get custody of your child, you need to take action today. The time for you to contact the law offices of William R. Pike is now.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Dallas GA

Getting divorced doesn’t always have to be a prolonged and bitter process. In some cases, both parties can realize that the best thing to do is to solve their issues in a quick and logical manner. This means coming to an agreement regarding such issues as custody of the children, breaking down who owns what part of the property, and agreeing to a split of all financial assets.

An Uncontested Divorce is the Best Possible Divorce

Being able to agree with your spouse on all of these issues will save you a great deal of time, energy, and money. An uncontested divorce means that you do not have to go to court in order to dissolve your marriage. It means that you do not have to argue your case in front of a court in order to secure your full share of financial and custody rights.

However, this does not mean that you can do without the legal services of a Dallas Georgia divorce lawyer. Before you can agree to an uncontested divorce, you will first have to reach a settlement. This settlement needs to be in the best interests of both parties. The disposition of your property and funds, as well as the custody of any children you may have, needs to be solved in a way that satisfies everyone.

Contact the Law Office of William R. Pike for More Info

It’s an excellent idea to contact a Dallas Georgia divorce lawyer in order to learn your rights as well as your options in this matter. Your lawyer can give you the info you need to know in order to tell if an uncontested divorce is right for you.

You can contact the law office of William R. Pike to learn more about what an uncontested divorce really entails. Call us today to get started on shaping your future.


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